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Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosbal Table Review

Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosbal Table Review

Are you in search for indoor/outdoor Foosball table?

Yes. Many of us are in search of a foosball table that suits both indoor and outdoor activities. There are many foosball tables, but the one that ranks the best among them is the Kettler foosball table. Have a look at this article that deals on Kettler weatherproof indoor/outdoor foosball table review.

What is a Kettler foosball table?

Kettler foosball table is a simple, innovative foosball table designed for both indoor and outdoor activities. The important feature of this foosball table is flexibility and durability. This foosball table is also equipped with various other features too. A detailed description of Kettler foosball table is listed below.


While describing a foosball table, the first and foremost thing to look for is the features. The features equipped with this foosball table is high compared to others. Some important features among them are listed below.


The top most feature within this foosball table is the weatherproof technology. This technology makes this foosball table to offer higher performance in any climatic conditions and situations. The foosball table does not wear or tear out with weather changes. With this feature, the foosball table has the capability to withstand even cold winters and hot summers.

Indoor/ Outdoor use

The Kettler foosball table is a one among the indoor and outdoor foosball table. It has an elegant design with it, and so you can use it in an outdoor environment. Further, the table also has weather resistant design. This model is useful, and with this, you can use the table in the outdoor environment too.indoor and outdoor

Further, the performance of the table maintains the same both in the indoor and outdoor environment. With this feature, your kid can enjoy using foosball table both within the house and in the garden.

Elegant look

The design of this foosball table is attractive compared to others. The table has dark blue and silver design with which you can place it in any models of houses. This product suits the best even in designed homes too. Further, the players used on the battlefield are also in blue and silver color constitution various teams.

Adjustable Leg Levelers

The legs of Kettler foosball table has adjustable lever design. With this, the table can be used flexibly even on uneven surfaces. Mostly many places within the outdoor environment are rough. To withstand such surfaces, the levelers of this product has an adjustable feature with it. This feature is flexible, and so you can use it based on your use and need.

Glass field surface

Mostly in many types of the foosball table, the field surface is made up of high-quality plastic material that cannot withstand water. To overcome it Kettler foosball table has advanced glass field surface design with it.

This surface has weather and temperature resistant feature, and so you can use it in both indoor and outdoor environments. Further, the glass battlefield offers the smooth and fast operation to the players. The ball runs smoothly, and so the table can be used even in tournaments.


This foosball table resembles professional foosball table, the players within the table have a professional design. Almost 22 players are within the field, and you can differentiate the two teams with colors. In addition to this, the players are molded with high-quality, sturdy components. The players resist water and UV radiations, and so you can use them in all the types of climates.


Rods are the essential components of the foosball table. To make a foosball table durable, the function of the rod is necessary. The rods of this product has sturdy steel design with it. This steel is efficient, and it has a corrosion-resistant feature with it. Further, the rods have a chrome finish; this makes them attractive and sturdy.

Further, the players are attached rigidly to the rods. There is no displacement of the players. This feature makes the product useful for higher beneficial activities and conditions.


You can see handles at the end of the rods. With these handles, you can access the players according to your need. In addition to this, the handles have its design similar to that of rods. Apart from the rod, the handles have a sturdy design to withstand various pressure.

There are eight handles within the product, with four handles on each side. As there are four handles, two to four players can use this product at the same time.

Quick ball retrival

The  Kettler foosball table has smooth ball retriving feature with it. This foosball table has a small hole near the hole, as soon as the ball reaches the hole, it moves down to the hole, and so the ball can be collected at the other side of the table. The retrieving pathway has steel design so that balls can move out smoothly without any blocks.

There is two ball retrieving mechanism, and these two are at the two edges of the table near the goal panel. In addition to this, there is other two ball retrieving holes at the middle of the table.


The next important and useful feature in the list is the scorecard. Many people using foosball table feels hard to update the scores often. Some people forget to update them. In order overcome it,  the Kettler foosball table has inbuilt scorecard with it. Once you set the goal, you can quickly refresh the scorecard based on it.  


The first and foremost advantage of the product is durability. You can use the table in both indoor and outdoor environments. Further, they also have the capability to withstand and withhold various climatic conditions and situations.

The entire product is flexible too. It can be used both by kids and by professionals. This foosball table can also be used in foosball tournaments also.

All the components of the table have a flexible design with it. In addition to this, the use of waterproof gum fixes the elements correctly without any loss. This gum is temperature resistant too, and so you can withstand it for a long time. Further, assembling the table is very simple, and you can do this with simple bolts and components.

Kettler foosball table

Special Feature:

This is weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

Key features:

+ adjustable leg levelers,

+ glass field surface.


+ weather proof,

+ modern look.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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These above mentioned are various features and advantages of Kettler foosball table. Do afford it and keep yourself active always.

Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.


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