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Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball Table Review

Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball Table Review

Many of us believe foosball is an indoor game. But not. The development in technology has made foosball as an outdoor game too. For this, the foosball tables have specialized functions with it. They are built with additional capabilities so that you can use them in outdoor environments too. One among them is the Garlando g2000 outdoor foosball table.

The Garlando g2000 outdoor foosball table is an innovative table. Before affording this foosball table, one should know thoroughly about its inbuilt features and qualities. Here is a complete guide on Garlando g2000 outdoor foosball table review. Hope this will help you.

About Garlando g2000 outdoor foosball table

Before moving to the descriptions of  Garlando g2000 foosball table, it is important to know about the product. This foosball table has two teams with 11 players. This product has rods, and you can use them for accessing the players. The table has various safety functions with it, and so even kids can use it and get better results from this.

Various important features and advantages of the product are listed below.


This foosball table has various inbuilt features and advantages with it. All these features are efficient, and they yield better results to the users. Some important features among them are listed below.


The first important feature in the list is the safety. This foosball table has a unique design that relies more on safety and security. With this, kids can use this foosball table flexibly in all environments. Further, this table also keeps the parents in the relaxed state while playing.


The  Garlando g2000  foosball table has a weatherproof design with it. This design makes the product durable in outdoor conditions. Further, this is a specially designed outdoor foosball table. It can also be used in indoor condition also.

The weatherproof design also determines the product resist water and sun radiations to a great extent. It reradiates mostly all the UV emissions, and so the product is kept safe even in summer. This feature maintains the durability and flexibility of the product.


The battlefield of this product has high-quality plywood design with it that resists water. Further, this plywood has rust resistant feature too, and so it keeps the table safe from insects and water. The plywood used is multilayered, and so it offers additional functions to the user. Towards the top of the plywood, there is plastic laminated covering, and this cover saves the wood from heat.

Apart from this, the entire battlefield has a soft and smooth design. With this, even the kids can play foosball smoothly. the efficiency offered by the battlefield is high, and it is quite similar to that of a professional foosball table.


The next important feature of this product is the players. All the players have perfect molding similar to that of football men. They are fixed rigidly to the poles, and so you can access them. In addition to this, the players have sturdy plastic molded design with they can withstand weather conditions.

Totally 22 players are on the battlefield in which they are in two groups. The variation of two groups can be determined efficiently with the help of the color used. The two colors used on the battlefield are blue and silver. Both these colors provide an elegant look to the users.


The next important feature in the list is the rods. You can use the bars for accessing the players within the battlefield. These rods has a high-quality material design with it. This design has the capability to withstand various types of conditions.

The rods has sturdy steel material design that has lightweight and corrosion resistant feature with it. The lightweight feature enables the kids to use the foosball table, and corrosion-resistant feature adds long lasting life to the rod.

Almost the table has eight bars with it, and the players born by rods vary according to the position. Among the 8 rods, the left side has 4 bars and four on the other side. These two sides belong to two teams, and up to 4 players can access the rods at the same time.


You can see the handles at the ends of the rods. These handles are flexible, and they are compact. They can be accessed quickly without any loss in their performance.

The handles are black in color, and so they resist UV radiations to a great extent. Further, it also can resist water and other agents that affect the performance. As the handles are compact, even kids can use them with less care.


High-quality, durable sliding legs is present within the product. These sliding legs have the capability to withstand the table for a long time. They also have a sturdy material design with waterproof coating. The legs also have adjustable levers with it.

These adjustable levers are flexible, and you can use them based on the surface conditions. Further, the Standing legs offer higher stability compared to others. The ability of the legs is also great, and so it remains in its position under various conditions and situations.

End ball retrieval

The end ball retrieval feature within the product is also active, and it adds additional function to the product. There are holes at the end of the product, and these holes act as an efficient way to retrieve the end ball. Further, the pathway to retrieve the end ball has steel linings, and so the balls retrieve smoothly.



This product also uses an attractive scorecard with it. The scorecard works by the abacus. With this, various range of scores can be predicted easily by the product. Updating scorecard is very easy. Further, you can see the scorecard near the edges of the foosball table.


The Garlando g2000  foosball table has various advantages with it. The top most advantage of the product is its safety. Safety features provided by the product is high, and they act high.

  • It is a kid friendly product. Further, it can also use by professionals and in tournaments.
  • The attractive color design makes it use useful, and it can be used both in indoor environments and outdoor places.
  • The durability offered by the product is very high compared to others.
  • The water resistant feature adds more flexibility and additional functions to it.
  • the stability offered by the product is high and it can e used even on uneven surfaces.
Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball Table

Special Feature:

This foosball table has made up of weather proof material so that it can withstand for long time.

Key features:

+ resist UV rays,

+ anti rust chromium.


+ safest,

+ weatherproof.


+ Assembly required.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Final words

the above mentioned are various significant advantages and features of Garlando g2000  foosball table.

Do read more reviews about foosball tables and select the one that suits perfectly with your choice.

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