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Different Types of Foosball Table

Different Types of Foosball Table

Foosball, also derived as table football is one of the tabletop game patterned on the football association, most of them tend to purchase a one for their home to enjoy with their family, colleagues, and friends.

You can also get them to get ready for a competition; there are many types of foosball tables namely standard foosball table, tabletop foosball tables, combination games tables, stand-alone foosball tables and coin-operated foosball tables. The price range differs based on the overall gaming experience, features, quality, etc.

Different kinds of Foosball Tables

Proceed below to check out the various types of foosball tables in detail below.

Standard Foosball Tables

A full sized gaming table which has the most preferred among the customer at present, also considered to be the all in one sort of table. They are stable and therefore stays in a particular place as they are designed to be heavy and constructed with solid wood.

Few cheaper models are made of a mixture of MDF particle board, and real wood, the least type of standard foosball table would weigh at least 100 pounds.

Most of the standard foosball tables last for an extended period for the high-quality materials used in the table, some heavy model foosball table can be used outside, and you need a tight budget for this models. If you need to go within your budget then, you need to tend to non full size tables, and these would also be better during model evaluation.

Tabletop Foosball Tables

The foosball table also referred to as mini foosball, and this name is due to the tiny size, one of the tables which is perfect for kids and for the people who need to adopt a one at their limited space home or areas. This would be the best foosball table for the kids to learn the play with ease, they are made of high-quality plastic and therefore last for long years.

Combination Game Tables

If you need to get a foosball table within your budget or for your kids, this would be the perfect and fittable foosball table. The foosball table can be converted to the different type of tables for playing billiards, hockey, etc. with ease.

Coin Operated Foosball Tables

Best foosball table to adapt at the sports bars, arcades, etc., as the name they need coins to play the game. This type of foosball table are expensive but the most preferred one in the market. They are heavy and therefore the only minus in the foosball table, made of heavy duty and high-quality materials for the longevity.

Stand-alone Foosball Tables

Like the name, they are developed to use with the traditional setup and longer when compared to the tabletop. This is an expensive tabletop but worth getting it as they last for an extended period. You are assured of the authentic play and perfect for adults, teens, and kids.

Multi Game Foosball table

You will be able to use the foosball table for different games namely air hockey, table tennis, chess, checkers, etc. Best for the kids who love to explore various types of tabletop games within a limited space and good versatility.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above, various types of foosball table will help you in choosing the preferred kind of table for your needs.

Any ideas, suggestions, queries, and thoughts on the different types of foosball table are welcome.

Have you ever used any of the above types of foosball table before? If so, share your experience with us through the comment section below.


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