American Heritage Element Foosball Table Review

The hottest topic in the town is about the high quality versatile and reliable Foosball Table from American Heritage as they are designed to be unique and different from other foosball tables in the market. Today in this article let’s deal with the 58 Inches American Heritage Element Foosball Table in depth.

American Heritage Element Foosball Table | An Overview

The sleek and unique look which resembles the industrial type will suit any game room with ease, the solid and style craftsmanship will attract every guest on your home especially during the game as they are filled with exciting playing features to stand up top in the competition. You are assured of the maximum fun and can make more memories if you adopt this Foosball table to your game room now.

Why Choose American Heritage Element Foosball Table?

The 58 inches Element Foosball tables are developed using engineered wood and are handcrafted along with a maple veneer; the accent trim is made of premium quality metal material and also matches perfectly with the table style. The distinctive design along with its breathtaking industrial appearance is the critical feature that is loved by most of the customers and gamers.

The workmanship is developed with heirloom quality and therefore ensured for the durability of the foosball table. The wood in the table is chosen after many stronger types of research so that they suit perfectly for the beginners to advanced professionals. The grain patterns add more beauty to the wood and highly preferred by the customers.

The Wood with an attractive finish makes the product look fascinating, the critical feature in this American Heritage Element Foosball Table is

  • Silver and Black players shine during spinning
  • The cabinet indulged in this element foosball tables includes a modern surrounded with metal trim around the crossed metal beams below and the edges for the stability and sturdy support.
  • The levelers are built in and designed with adjustable legs.
  • Manual scorers, two ball, and four-ball returns are provided within the foosball table.
  • The manufacturer offers one year warranty, so people prefer to choose the American Heritage Element Foosball Table.
  • The table weighs about 180 pounds which can also be portable.

What Customer Liked about American Heritage Element Foosball Table?

Here are some of the things which are good based on the customer perceptiveness.

The looking style which resembles like the industry is one of the attractive element in the foosball table, and it is made of the premium quality metal material for the longevity. The cross beams which are designed to be the sleek way is in the shape of an ‘X’ Add flair and can be chosen as per the players preferred color.

The foosball table which takes their fun along with a distinct lack of primary colors, they can be used as the beginner to advanced level, these American Heritage Element Foosball Table is mostly loved by the younger person when compared to other age groups. The levers and grips move smoothly, and the set up takes just one or two hours.

The levelers are used for adjusting the table based on the floor type; this is shining best as most of the game rooms are in basements or uneven floors, upstairs, etc.

What Customers Disliked in American Heritage Element Foosball Table

The black layers on the foosball table are hard to see in the case of the low lights in the game room, the table is developed to be bulky and therefore awkward to move from one place to another once they are assembled. Reaching the bolts that are used for disassembling partially goes difficult and moving also is much hard.

This indicates that you need to choose the right location before you assemble them entirely, the metal style and accents are not suitable for the people who need traditional look at their game rooms.

Bottom Line

Considering all the features and specifications, American Heritage Element Foosball Table is really a more significant investment for the ones who love to provide the industrial look to their game room. Memorable competitions are achieved through great features and excellent craftsmanship; they are close to the level of commercial design and engineering.

In a general game room design, the American Heritage Element Foosball Table provides flexibility to your game room and also the price is reasonable for the value. Overall, the American Heritage Element Foosball Table is an excellent foosball table for any industrial look game room.

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